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We are counting on you!

Message from the Collective of Light

Cosmic streams, directed into the heart of the Living, merge with the energies of Light and Love transmitted by all those who have understood the importance of their involvement in this great transformation.

The disrespectful domination and exploitation of all the kingdoms, of all Creation, stem either from an oversized ego, unaware of the importance of Unity, or from ignorance.

In this mindset, for many humans, victimization becomes a kind of protection, although it is no more than a form of submission.

When you speak of evolution, you often forget that it is in the heart that it can be measured. It is only in the human heart that it becomes visible to your own eyes and those of the Creator.  

The Heart, that’s what it’s all about. The evolution of hearts! It paves the way for this new world you dream of so much – a world which is already present for many of you, in your heart!

Many of us work for evolution on Earth, and when a call is made to us, just as it is now asked of you, we are all present, because we see the work that is truly being done and the positive results. When you participate, you join the Universal Collective of Light.

All the transmitted energies will touch the heart of each one – the hearts at peace, the wounded hearts, and the sleeping hearts.

Together, let us sow the seeds of the force that enables change in each and every one.

We count on you!


The Collective of Light

Transmitted through the channel of Cathy/Hinri

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