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Message from the Collective of Light - General Mobilization – Day 1

May Love be in all and for all

Lift up your hearts,


In honor of all the inhabitants of this Earth, we unite today.

We are aware of the difficulties that human beings have to go through on their different life paths, to reach the Light of their soul, the Light of the Source. We are aware of the exemplary courage needed to stand tall, dignified, and always in alignment with the highest dimension of yourselves - your soul. We honor you for all the work you do for yourselves and for the community and the Living.

We are very, very numerous today, all the forces of the universe united for the Earth and for you, human beings. Know that this moment will be engraved in the Book of Life of Humanity because together, gathered here and elsewhere on Earth - and there are many of you – we will neutralize a memory concerning all of humanity, a memory of submission, a memory of blindness, to finally reach the heart of the human, the heart of humanity, to pour a balm of Love that will awaken even the most hardened.

Today is the day we can bring all this Light, this Light of Love, and we will continue over the next two days to also assist those who may be destabilized, or even frightened, by the shadows illuminated by this Light, so that they can work on them, accept them as a part of themselves, bring their own Light to them, and return to a form of original purity.

This general mobilization affects you directly, elevates you, fills you with Love. By accepting to be a channel as you are today, all these energies will pass through you, and you will greatly benefit from them.

Let us work together now.

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