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Message from the Collective of Light – General Mobilization – Day 3

After these intense 3 days, my heart overflows with love and gratitude for all of you who participated in this general mobilisation.

Many of you have shared with me the power of the energies they have felt, whether they meditated alone or in the groups formed worldwide for this occasion.

We were all united by the Heart!

THANK YOU to all visible and invisible beings in action.

May Love be in everyone and for everyone!


For this third day of general mobilisation, let us direct our intention towards the heart of the Earth. Mother Earth is a separate entity, just like you, consisting of a physical envelope, a beating heart, and a soul connecting her to everyone and to the Whole. The love she transmits to you with each beat of her heart is indescribable, so devoted, so unexpecting, much like that of a true mother, so infinite, just like a mother's love for her children. With each heartbeat of the Earth, you receive her Love.

Therefore, in gratitude for this Mother's heart, today we will continue this purification of the human heart, by amplifying this love within the Mother's heart, adding the loving essences of each one of you and all those participating in this great movement of love, as well as of all invisible beings present, all those working for the Earth, for the awakening of humans, in all spheres.

In simplicity, let us all together now transmit all these different energies from each of you and all those actively participating, here and worldwide. This power of Love will be able to manifest itself differently, inside the Earth and on its surface, in the hearts of humans.

Open your heart and express Love for the Earth, for this Mother, each in your own way, through words, songs, or just in silence.  Feel this strong connection to the Source, to the Heavenly Father, in unity with Mother Earth.

Receive all the blessings from the Collective of Light, the Universal Collective.


The Collective of Light

transmitted through the channel of Cathy/Hinri


Evénements avec les Enseignants Célestes et Cathy

Pour parents, grands-parents, thérapeutes, proches du monde de l'enfance

Explorer, comprendre et accompagner les défis de l'âme et de l’être global, de la conception à l'âge adulte

Rétablir l'harmonie émotionnelle et énergétique des enfants et leur famille avec les Médecins du Ciel

Offrez-vous environ 30 minutes par jour de temps rien que pour vous, pour embellir l’entier de votre être. En union avec le plus élevé de vous-même, votre âme, et les Médecins du Ciel

Du 7 au 13 juillet 2024 En live (webinaire) ou différé

Transmis en direct le matin à 9.00 h, par le canal de Cathy/Hinri

En direct - visio le 27 juin 2024 à 18.00 h et/ou en replay

Enfin libre !

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