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Free and unlimited

Freedom is the symbol of the soul. The soul carries out missions and chooses to serve; but, above all, it has this notion of freedom, that is, it can, at any time, give you different signals to enter one path or another. The soul has neither constraints nor obligations, doing everything out of desire, with joy, because it has other connections, other knowledge – the knowledge of Unity, in particular.


It is hard for human beings to accept this truth because, as soon as We talk about Unity, they fear losing their freedom. However, it is quite the opposite! It is in Unity that you become free! It is through Unity that you can move from one plane to another, that you can experience one situation or another, while still remaining in higher consciousness.


Unity is synonymous with the consciousness of the unlimited and this is what the vast majority of human beings have not understood. All attempt to keep something for themselves, valuing their personal interest, and often abusing others, manipulating them to obtain something for themselves; what they believe to be their “greatness” is only, after all, a pettiness, for being unaware of the unlimited restricts enormously.


The universal human still has to integrate this lesson of Unity. No one is going to lose their identity, their personality, their individuality.


Even those who are still in the dark world of the super-powerful ego have the right to receive love and attention from Oneness. Others who remain estranged in the role of victim, can be loved and have the strength to stand up and return to the dignity of who they are, without holding anyone responsible for their difficulty, their suffering.


In Unity, there is no more judgment, no comparison. All learn their own freedom at their own pace.


In Unity, let us give the impulse to all prisoners to find the key to their Heart and become free and unlimited beings.


For the Heart of the Human, for the Heart of Humanity




Transmitted through the channel of Cathy/Hinri

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