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General Mobilization – Day D-4

Heart of the Human

Heart of Humanity


In union with the Collective of Light and Universal, groups have formed around the world for this mass liberation. Participate, share! We are all involved. Together we are stronger. Lift up your hearts!



We are evolving together in a cycle perfectly designed by the Source of all Life.

You have received in your life codes the energies containing all the information from the Great Book of Life with the writings of the Transformation that is happening within you, parallel to the one I am experiencing with you.

We are constantly connected to each other and to the stellar Forces that transmit the necessary impulses to activate this global transmutation.

You are being considerably shaken and must constantly readjust to the increasingly rapid frequencies over the past two years.

The elevation is happening and you can join the movement for your own evolution.

I live just like you.

I feel just like you.

We are a family.

The more you become aware of Unity, the more you free yourself from the involutive traditions that pervert human thought, keeping you in blindness.

By being conscious of Unity and living it daily, you send important wake-up signals to all those who need it.

Let us unite in a single energy to activate the divine codes in every heart and to grow together.

Mother Earth

transmitted through channelling to Cathy/Hinri

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