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Heart of the human, heart of humanity


          June 21, 22, and 23, 2024


It is in the hearts of humans that we will lay a wreath of flowers to announce the end of fighting, to make them admit that the Earth, their Earth, our Earth, no longer wants to participate in these dark challenges of possession. There is no more possession, there is no more power.

Through this energy of love, everyone will have the opportunity to quickly elevate themselves in the vibrations that are those of the Earth. It is indeed the Earth that joins the Heavens.

There will therefore be some internal upheavals so that the massive awakening can occur, without constraint, without obligation, with the free will of all beings to live what they came to embody, because all human beings currently present on Earth have chosen to return to peace and unite with planetary ascension.

This general mobilization will be directed towards the heart of the human, the heart of humanity.

The Collective of Light

Message received through the channel of Cathy/Hinri - to be shared while preserving the source


Gratitude to all

Heads up!




1.   7 deep breaths where you inhale the Light and exhale all your tensions.


2.   Alignment and connection


2.1 Stand upright, aligned with the Earth and Sky, and arms open as if you were the cross. The heart is the centre.

2.2 Express these phrases: "In gratitude, I receive the energies of the Earth into my heart. In gratitude, I welcome the celestial energies into my heart."

2.3 Place one hand on the heart and stay this way, welcoming in gratitude. Conscious breathing. Feel your feet uniting with the earthly energy, sinking into the ground. The same now with your head and the sky. Grow, elongate, touch the sky. Energies flow through you, all converging towards the heart. You are aligned.

2.4 Connection to universal networks, arms straight out to each side of your body. Express: "In gratitude, I unite with the forces of the Universe." Breathe deeply and welcome.


3. Prayer


To be recited 7 times in succession – one hand on your heart


In my soul and consciousness, I unite with the Source, with Mother Earth, and with the Forces of the Universe.

Consciously, I accept to let pass through my channel the energy of purification to neutralize the negative memories still inscribed in the heart of humanity.

With the Collective of Light and all souls gathered for this liberation, we form a vortex of Love and Light that purifies and dissolves the negative imprints in the heart of humanity.

We place there the seal of unity and sacredness, so that each one may return to their own Light.

May Love be in all and for all!


4. Energy transfer

Approximately 20 minutes.                 



Various gatherings are planned. You can join one or another of these, create your own group, or act alone. All forces will be gathered by the Collective of Light to amplify this liberation, heart of the human, heart of humanity.


Switzerland                                      Sacred Site – Peu Péquignot, Le Noirmont

June 21st, 22nd, and 23rd at 11:30 am

                                                    Contact :

Mauritius           Riambel Vortex

June 21st, 22nd, and 23rd at 1:30 pm

                                                        Contact :


Allemagne                                     Contact : Christiane -

Belgique                                    A Azy (près de Florenville)

Le 22 juin à 15.00 h

                                           Contact : Françoise

Canada                                         Contact : Louise -

France                                             En visio, 21, 22, 23 juin                                                            Contact : Sylvaine -

La Réunion                                     Contact : Axelle -

Portugal                                     Les 21, 22 et 23 juin à 10.30 h

Contact : Teresa -

Roumanie                                      Contact : Rada -

Times shown are in local time.

We will complete this table as groups are formed and details from the organizers.



Collective Memory of Powerlessness – General Mobilization

Why does the human being most often see the dark side of life and everything that composes it? You are immersed in an atmosphere of negativism. Virtuous ideals fade under the yoke of domination that has enslaved the peoples of the Earth for thousands of years. A collective memory of powerlessness still lingers in the soul of humanity, creating an egregore that intrudes on the thoughts of every being who has not yet found freedom in their soul. Souls incarnated on Earth have experienced destruction on another planet where a scenario similar to what humanity has been experiencing for the past few decades had unfolded. The human race was dominated, enslaved, censored, and finally exterminated. Everything has a purpose, and Mother Earth, upon which you currently evolve, has agreed to welcome you so that together you can transcend this memory of darkness.


In this energy of remembrance, negativities are amplified, feelings of injustice, and the anger rumbling within yourselves destabilize and unbalance. But within you lies the seal of unity, the sacred and the strength to return to your own Light. Once you have transcended that negativism, you will radiate onto all life around you and far beyond.

Emissaries of Light, you have been sent to liberate the heart of humanity.

The Collective of Light


The harshness of current times and the division between those who are awakened and those who are still asleep is becoming increasingly marked. It is not a matter of good or evil, but of levels of evolution. The soporifics, such as fear and blindness, are powerful. When the gloom becomes intolerable, in a last breath, beings seek meaning in their lives. With the energy of Love and Light, they finally break through their own wailing wall and perceive their personal awakening resonating within.

Being good is your greatest strength and proves your greatness!

Be good to yourself and to others!


Messages transmitted by channeling to Cathy/Hinri


It is a mass liberation that is proposed by the general mobilization.


Heart of the human, heart of humanity


June 21, 22, and 23, 2024





It is with deep love and faith that we work with you, our dear sisters, our dear brothers, our dear fellow teammates on Earth. We need each other to provide the necessary impetus to transcend the shadow into Light, not to fight it or eliminate it, but simply to bring it into the Light so that everything becomes different on this Earth.

There has already been great evolution, although you may not see it with your eyes. You may not hear it with your ears, but you feel it with your heart. Many of you have questioned what will happen on this Earth where everything seems to be going so wrong. But not everything is going wrong! When you connect to suffering, to conflict, you are in an energy that is like mist, like fog, and you no longer see everything that is in the process of transformation, everything that has already been transformed within the hearts of humans, within the heart of humanity.

There has been great evolution, this is a reality, but we agree with you, there is still work to be done. That is why we are here, that is why you are here.

Yes, because there are those in the shadow who resist, who truly need love, who truly need our attention, our Light, and our love directed towards them so that they can awaken to our Light, to our consciousness, so that they can stop denying their mistakes that cost lives, their mistakes that create suffering, so that they can walk the path of forgiveness and finally be able to look themselves in the mirror again. Shame haunts them. Even if they show a mask of strength, of power, they cannot help but feel shame and fear. They need love to dare to confront themselves and look within.

Of course, we will always, again and again, send our energies of liberation, healing, comfort, love, and Light to all those who suffer. But during the next general mobilization, it is all of humanity that will receive this energy. It is an energy that can merge into the hearts, even if there are many layers of protection because they do not want to reveal themselves. There is no intrusion because Light does not force anything, but simply gives a layer of gentleness, a layer of peace, a layer of love so that these beings can finally go into their hearts and free themselves. We are talking about leaders here, we are talking about those who lead the leaders; you do not see everything, only certain aspects are revealed to you on television, in newspapers or in any other type of media.

You are shown all that is going very wrong and it is greatly amplified because, despite everything, humans need sensationalism, even if only minimally like yourselves.

Stay informed, but do not put your energy into those negative vibrations that manipulate you. Keep your energy to seek what may not yet be visible on Earth, but is already the New World, what is already The Light of the day, the twilight after this long night.

There are many creations, many projects that have already been born or are in the process of being born. Put your energy into these higher vibrations and not into lamenting or pitying your fate as a poor manipulated human.

That’s not how you move things forward; it is by standing up straight, reconnecting to your own enlightened consciousness and everything that is positive. Without denying what is not, stay connected to the Light and to this Love.

By staying connected, Love and Light will pass through you. It is very simple to be linked to the highest: you just have to want it, to think about it, to open your heart. You also have to turn off your television and stop reading newspapers; stay informed, but without delving into certain information that eats away at you, yes, that's the right term.

And now we will together connect to the heart of the Earth where there is also suffering, where there is still shadow. We will transmit our love and our Light. We will be channels of Light for the heart of the Earth, but also for your heart because in every heart there are different, more or less coloured nuances.

You will thus return to your full Light and you will understand through feeling what we have tried to express to you today through words.

Breathe, place a hand on your heart, if you wish, and simply transmit. You can transmit through thoughts of love that you formulate in your head or by imagining your heart wide open sending rays of love. A circuit is formed where all this love passes through your heart and will also purify what needs to be healed. All your hearts together transmit like a single heart, the heart of the Source, for the heart of the Earth and for the heart of humanity.


The Collective of Light

Message received through the channel of Cathy/Hinri - to be shared while keeping the source

TDA meeting - 16.3.24


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